• Project Management Project Management OutProve Technologies is experienced in providing project management oversight for a variety of types of projects, whether it's sourcing, business intelligence, or custom application development. Our experience in various project management methodologies , including those by the Project Management Institute, can help provide governance over your projects and allow you to deliver your projects with managed scope , budget, and delivery.
  • Custom Implementations Custom Implementations If there isn't an available commercial package for your particular business need, OutProve Technologies can evaluate the business needs, gather the business and technical requirements, and manage the implementation of a custom solution. We bring sound software development methodology as well as experience in managing change, shifting requirements, and dynamic work environments to bring our projects to fruition.
  • IT Strategy IT Strategy SOA. SOX. XML. HIPAA. It's tough to navigate the regulatory and technical hurdles that exist. The ever changing landscape - new technologies, new legalities - makes it a challenge for businesses to remain current with their environments and approaches. OutProve Technologies can partner with your business, providing advice and approaches to maximize your IT investment - and turn IT into a competitive advantage for your business. Companies often fail to look inside their organization to leverage the investments that they have made. By managing your own intellectual property you can turn a cost center into a profit center. Sign up for the whitepaper area or the OutProve Newsletter for more information.
  • Data Warehousing/Analytics Data Warehousing/Analytics Data Warehousing You have data. Lots of data. But can you sift through it all, identifying what's important? Can you identify trends and anomalies in your business that can make you more competitive? Are there synergies in your different parts of business that can make you more efficient? Collecting your data from your day-to-day transactional systems and setting up a "warehouse" of your data, and then implementing standard tools and processes around investigating this data, can often be advantageous to your business. But over half (50+%!) of data warehousing/business intelligence projects fail, for a variety of reasons. OutProve Technologies knows what the standard pitfalls of BI projects are, and can help you avoid them. Sign up for the whitepaper area or the OutProve Newsletter for more information.
  • Mobile Development Mobile Development Besides knowing how to optimize web pages for mobile consumption, OutProve Technologies can help you design a mobile strategy and implement both iOS and Android versions of web applications that serve your organization.